Communication In The Time Of Covid19 Pandemic And The Lockdown

In the wake of the Covid 19 Pandemic and the resulting Lockdown, the communication needs of various entities changed overnight. Moreover, very few organizations had the resources, the expertise or the experience to cater to these communication needs, especially in Ahmedabad. A few such organizations sought us out and wished to outsource some of their communication requirements to us. Since we had been associated with these organizations before, they were aware of our work and services, and were confident that we would be able to step up and efficiently do the needful. Two such organizations were Gujarat Police and LJS.

SECTOR - Non Profit
LOCATION - Gujarat
PROJECT - Khakhi Tane Salaam Chhe | Salaam Hai | Ljs Temporary Hospital Film

Lallooji and Sons (LJS) is a prominent event management company that is based in Ahmedabad but functions across the country. During the spread of the deadly COVID19, they constructed a 100 bed make-shift hospital in Chhota Udepur District. The hospital was made in a record period of four days and was to be dedicated entirely to the care of COVID 19 patients.

During the construction of this hospital, a need to communicate the availability of the facility to the public was felt. This was to reassure the people of the preparation of the authorities to handle a large influx of patients and to encourage various other entities to contribute in whichever way they could. To do this, a video was made by us at Decode Mediacom in a short span of one working day.

This included conceptualization, shooting and editing the video. The final video was increasingly shared on social media by prominent handles such as that of the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani.

During the COVID Pandemic, a few sectors witnessed not only an increase in the demand, but also a complete change in their image. The most prominent of these were the Police Department and the Medical sector. We had worked with Gujarat Police and Ahmedabad Police earlier and had nurtured with them a bond that was based on trust and mutual admiration.

During the lockdown, they entrusted us with the responsibility of bridging the communication gap between the police and the public. It was also the time when there was an increased need to create awareness on the issue and to ensure that every single person realizes the gravity of the situation and the threat that COVID19 presents.

Mitigating the threat posed by fake news was another primary objective of the endeavor. For this, we created posts and videos for them. These were posted on the official Gujarat Police handles on various social media platforms and succeeded in evoking empathy amongst the people about the Police personnel, apart from creating awareness amongst the people

We, at Decode Mediacom, pride ourselves at being an entity that is empathetic towards the socio-political and the environmental needs of the society. During the Lockdown, we felt that it was our responsibility to sensitize people about the work done by the Police department and evoke empathy towards their work. While brainstorming ways to do so, we felt the best medium to strike a chord with the people is through music.

We reached out to a few prominent artists in the city and they all readily agreed to collaborate with us to compose a song. These included music director Nishith, Mehta accomplished singers Aishwarya Majumdar, Kirtidhan Gadhvi, Jigardhan Gadhvi and Aditya Gadhvi, writer-orator Kaajal Oza Vaidya, various RJs and others.

The song, Khakhi Tane Salam, was conceptualized, recorded, shot and edited in a span of 3 days and was released on social media. In no time, it struck a chord with the masses and became an instant hit, garnered thousands of likes, and was shared and retweeted on a very large scale. We were truly proud of our ode to the policemen and the love and adulation we received for the same.

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