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A few years ago, Adani Group planned the construction of its corporate headquarters in Ahmedabad and wanted to visually document the entire process. For this, we were commissioned to develop a corporate film. We were responsible for scripting, shooting and editing the video.

SECTOR - Corporate
LOCATION - Pan India
PROJECT - Adani Corporate House | Vimal Diary | Nivea

But the most significant aspect of the project was that the construction continued for six months and we had to film the process at every stage until it was open for the employees. Through the months, we scripted and shot the film, and in the concluding week, we started the process of editing the film. The film aimed at encouraging the employees of the organization to feel welcome at the new building, named Adani Corporate House, and was to be played at the building’s inaugural function.

In the last few days therefore, we had to work round-the-clock to shoot the final furnishing of the building, and incorporate the shots in the final cut. Nevertheless, as the script was ready well in advance and a lot of montages had already been patched, we were able to deliver the final edited version on time.

The film we made for Adani Corporate House was the major highlight of the inaugural event where it was widely appreciated.


Vimal Dairy is an eminent company in the FMCG sector that pasteurises and packages milk, and manufactures a range of milk products. For them, we were commissioned to make a corporate film.

A major task for us while the making of this film was to understand the company philosophy, their working and the impact of their work on the society and the communities. We then had to develop a narrative that remained true to it. This was done through extensive research on the ground, meeting people working in the organisation in various capacities, and interacting with the communities that provide milk to the organisation for pasteurisation, and for use as a raw material for other products. At the end of this, we scripted a film that would be an honest portrayal of their work.

The entire process of scripting, shooting and editing of the film took a couple of weeks, at the end of which we were able to submit the film to the client. Work on the project was completed without any glitches.

The final film was highly appreciated by the client. So much so, that after that, we were commissioned to make two more corporate films for them, for Vimal Oil and Vimal Namkeen. For these, we adopted a similar approach that appreciated and celebrated the contribution of each entity involved.
Working on all the three films was immensely rewarding as we got a chance to interact with communities and the people working at the factories, and got an insight into their lives.


For Nivea’s manufacturing plant near Ahmedabad, we were asked to develop a film. This film would work as the guide for the visitors regarding the safety measures they would have to comply with while visiting the factory premises. The project was initiated primarily because it is difficult to make people thoroughly read written instructions in this regard. Moreover, there is no way of determining how much people have understood the importance of following the safety measures at the premises. On the other hand, watching a short video is an engaging method that results in greater recall value. Our major focus during the making of this film was to thoroughly understand the measures and communicate the same in a short and effective manner to the visitors, using simple language. The film was to be made in English and Hindi. After the scripting of the film, it was mostly smooth sailing for the shooting and editing processes. We were able to complete the project and deliver the film in less than ten days time. The film is now being used at the factory premises as and when a visitor comes.

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