Gujarat Police And Ahmedabad City Police

Over the last few years, many public bodies gradually made their virtual presence felt. This was in response to the growing dependence of people on the digital spectrum. They realised that the digital mediums hold a lot of promise when it comes to connecting and communicating with the masses.

SECTOR - Government
LOCATION - Gujarat
PROJECT - Social Media Management Training

A couple of such entities that were looking out for a chance to make their digital presence felt more prominently were Gujarat Police and Ahmedabad City Police. In 2013, our organisation was approached to provide industry expertise in the matter. After our preliminary discussions, it was mutually understood that these bodies needed to etch a better virtual identity, were in need of image transformation, should make themselves more accessible, and that they should work towards creating awareness.
Decode Mediacom’s task was to facilitate this digitisation. Apart from training of the police personnel, our deliverables included text, graphic and audio visual content for various social networking platforms, primarily Facebook and Twitter. This was also to be accompanied with hoardings, radio mentions, radio talks with high stature personnel like the Commissioner of Police and the Joint Commissioner of Police.

In the first phase, digitisation of Ahmedabad City Police would be carried out. And in the later stage, the digitisation of the entire state police would be carried out.
Our work for Ahmedabad City Police started with the campaign – Online. On Duty! This aimed at ensuring the citizens of the city that the police are accessible 24*7 and are just a click away. To gain maximum visibility for their online presence, we also organised an event which was hosted by a prominent RJ of the city, RJ Dhvanit. The campaign proved to be a major success. So much so, that within 24 hours, Ahmedabad City Police gained 25,000 followers on social media.

Another major impact of the campaign was noted within five days of the campaign launch, as a major event threatened the credibility of the police. Nevertheless, the police were easily accessible through social media, and on radio for an open dialogue on the issue. These worked hugely in their favour and the threat of negativity was mitigated and replaced with positive responses by the public.

After the successful digitisation of ACP, digitisation of Gujarat Police was to be undertaken. This was a mammoth task as each district/city/town (total 40) had to have an independent account on various platforms. However, the communication had to be synched and localised for each. For this, Gujarat Police appointed five personnel each for each division. We at Decode Mediacom were tasked with the training of these personnel. For this purpose, we organised a seminar – How policing can be taken to the next level via digital platforms. The personnel, not surprisingly, quickly adapted themselves to the new communication means and have been, since then, successfully maintaining the online presence of the 40 charges.

Subsequently, these personnel were in charge of keeping us updated of the major happenings in their constituencies and we were responsible for producing communication content for them. These included developing graphic posts, content and on some occasions, videos.

Considering the nature of the organisation, a major challenge for us was sifting through the bureaucracy to get each piece of content approved. Another challenge was to remain constantly alert and on our toes. This was because a prompt response and timely action are vital for an organisation whose work leaves no room for error.

The impact of our work can be ascertained by the fact that people started responding to the police enthusiastically and contributed anonymous tip offs, safety suggestions and the like.

Providing the public with a platform where they could fearlessly express their concerns with an assurance that they would be addressed, was our biggest takeaway from this project.

Decode Mediacom takes pride in the fact that work on such a prestigious project was undertaken successfully and that we continue to associate with the organisations, years after completing the task.

Seven years after the completion of the project, amidst the COVID19 pandemic and the lockdown, the digital infrastructure that we put in place are being extensively used by both; the police and the public. These well-oiled channels are now proving useful for answering queries, mitigating the threat posed by fake news, updating the public on the latest developments and for creating awareness on the issue. Needless to say, this would have been difficult if the digital communication channels were not already in place at Gujarat Police’s disposal.

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