Abdan Tonic and Anatek Gel are pain relieving medicated products available over-the-counter. For them, we were contracted to develop TVCs and print marketing material.

SECTOR - Corporate
LOCATION - Pan India
PROJECT - Map Oil | Kaka Pvc | Abdan Tonic | Anatek Gel | Daiict | Just Dogs

During the conceptualisation stages of this project, we had concluded that our narrative for both deliverables had to be extremely empathetic towards the people and that this should reflect the plight of the people who suffer from chronic pain. At the same time, we had to ensure that the two TVCs were different in tone and treatment. Hence, for Anatek Gel, we tried to evoke empathy for the people who suffer from chronic pain. For Abdan Tonic, we decided to use satire as our tone for narrative.

Another major aspect that we wished to portray through our TVCs was that the lives of these people are extremely restrictive. Thus, our first task was to develop the scripts for theTVCs and the content for the print marketing literature that did justice to this sentiment. Moreover, our scripts demanded that we shoot at multiple locations with a range of models. Putting together the cast and finalising the locations was a tedious task.

Nevertheless, our team accomplished this in no time. The completion of the task took a couple of weeks which included the conceptualisation, scripting, pre-production, shooting and editing for the film. Work on the print media creatives was also completed simultaneously.

At the end of these two weeks, the clients highly appreciated our work. But more importantly, after a few weeks, the sales figures of both the products had gone up considerably. This indeed was our true reward and the true measure of our work.


DAIICT (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology) is a prestigious college in Gandhinagar that is sought after by engineering students from across the nation. For them, we were commissioned to make five 1-minute TVCs.

Our team of conceptualizers concluded that it would be best if the videos highlighted various courses offered by the institute as students, parents as well as the recruiters would be most interested in this aspect of the institution. Nevertheless, it was decided that one video should elaborate about the institution, its infrastructure, history, alumni, and other such aspects.

As with most TVCs, our primary focus here was to get the concept and the script right, for the rest of the work to fall well into place. With this project also, after the initial work was done, the shooting and the editing of the videos went well, and we completed the entire project in a matter of a few weeks.
The five videos that we made for DAIICT were appreciated by all and are being widely used by the institution to reach out to students and other interested entities.


MAP Oil is a brand currently doing very well in the FMCG sector. However, during their initial years, they had to aggressively use communication and marketing tools to accomplish this stature in the consumer market. Hence, during their initial years, we were commissioned to develop a TVC for them. This was a highly prestigious project for us and we were required to pull in all our resources to make this project a success.

But our major focus during the project was getting the concept and the idea right. This was because for a product that has to be directly marketed to the consumers, it is extremely important to strike the right chord and hit the right sentiment with them. After much deliberation, we decided to focus the narrative on patriotism (so as to reach the pan Indian audience) and to focus on how food strengthens bonds between people.

Over the course of a few weeks, we developed the script, got the storyboard created, got the background music composed, recorded the narrative, screen tested a few models, and scouted for the location. Only after all this, did we finalise the date for the shoot. Editing the TVC took a few more days before we could deliver the project to the client.

Our hard work and effort was rewarded handsomely as the TVC became a big hit with the audience and was appreciated by one and all.

KAKA PVC was an up and coming company that produced PVC pipes, PVC doors, PVC bathroom doors, PVC frames, and other such products. For them, we were commissioned to make a TVC. The major constraint for us during the making of this TVC was the limited budget.

This limitation was the constant focus for us as we had to keep this in mind on every stage, especially the conceptualisation stage. However, we succeeded in conceptualising and developing a script that called for very few resources and required us to mainly develop the video in our studio.


Just Dogs is India’s largest specialty retailer of solutions and services for the lifetime needs of pets. They offer a myriad range of pet foods, products and cosmetics while also providing services like training, grooming and boarding.

We collaborated with Just Dogs for a varied range of products and services. But the first project we undertook was to create a television commercial for them. The commercial intended to convey the warm and caring hospitality at Just Dogs, making it the happiest place for dogs.

Even though the commercial was well received by the client and viewers, it was quite a difficult task to pull as shooting with dogs can be really tricky. But nonetheless, we were able to take some really beautiful shots and made this video.

We were also commissioned to design a couple of products for them. From cosmetic packages and snack ranges to brochures and catalogues, we tried to show their passion and love for dogs with each design that we made.

For their social media marketing, we went with an angle to educate people about the vast realm of dogs. With campaigns like #KnowYourBreed, #DidYouKnow and #ILoveJustDogs, we introduced people to the various kinds of dog breed and their unique traits. We also conducted few contests and give aways on Instagram (like post a photo with your dog) to increase the traction and lead generation.

It was an interesting endeavor to have worked with them and so many adorable dogs. We hope that their benign acts help to shape a better world.

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