Learnings From The Pioneers

In the ever-evolving Branding Agency and advertising realm, it is essential to follow sound advice and listen to the pioneers that have mastered the art. These pioneers, if heeded, can help one evolve with the times and become successful in the business.

Here, we have collated some such learnings that we, at Decode Mediacom, vouch for! And the most fascinating aspect of these learnings is that they are timeless!

With an ocean of content being uploaded every day, Brands have a hard time standing apart from the mediocre and shine. In this scenario, a moment’s thought is all that brands can hope for. Nevertheless, it is that one moment of thought, that urge to get the product, that is extremely difficult to kindle! This is why brands need a hook to grab the immediate attention of the audience. This hook is nothing but an instant connect that a brand builds with the audience. And the easiest way to build that connection is by evoking emotion, be it joy, sorrow, or empathy! If a brand is able to establish this, their advertising is on point!

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy, is the content of your advertising, not its form.”

- David Ogilvy

Video content is the most consumed form of digital content across the world. Hence we always advocate for creating videos for branding and advertising. Nevertheless, what is more, important than the form of the content that is disseminated, is the content itself. A well-crafted message will find a way to reach out to the audience and effectively connect with them in whatever form it is. This is why, despite the popularity of video content, brands put equal focus on blogs, graphics, and such! Apart from creating a balance in the form of content that is projected, this also gives the artists the liberty to decide the best form of communication for each message. That is, if a message is more effectively communicated through graphics, digital marketers would prefer doing that instead of trying to mold the same to a form to which the message doesn’t lend itself well.

“An ad. is finished only when you no longer can find a single element to remove”

- Robert Fleege

Minimalism is a concept that works on the principle that everything that doesn’t add to the main message, is extra and should be removed. This is for the copy, graphics as well as videos. This is because apart from creating content that is cluttered, this also diverts the audiences’ attention from what is essential. Accomplishing this is simple, at least in theory, which is removing all that you can. But we, as artists, understand how difficult it is to remove or delete something that has been created with love and care. Nevertheless, it is essential that we view this objectively and do what is needed, and understand that ultimately, it is better for the end product!

“Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually think about your company. And vice-versa.”

- Jay Baer

Having no structured personality of your company leaves it open for people’s interpretation of what the company stands for. As liberating as that is, it can easily become detrimental for your company. To prevent that from happening, marketers use what is called ‘branding.’

The process of creating a name, symbol, and design that personifies a company is called branding. It is a technique by which you can aptly communicate your company’s motto and ideology in the most subtle and embellished manner. Your brand is the single most vital tool in distinguishing your company from the densely crowded market.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

- Steve Forbes

In this extremely competitive market, with hundreds of competitors in every possible domain, having a unique brand image has become an underlining prerequisite of the industry. And branding is the best weapon for it. With smart and effective branding, you can break through the clutter and shine your company’s individuality.

Hence, some of the most well-to-do organizations in the world invest heavily in their branding and social media management division as they understand its ROI.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

- Paul Rand

If you want your customers to fall in love with your product, at first sight, give it a striking design. It creates a memorable impact on your customers, helping them recognize your brand and making it seem more credible.

Design is the pillar on which your brand and image rely on. Even your marketing campaigns and advertisements will go futile if you don’t have a good design. With a good design, you can create a consistent visual language that provides an instant connection with your services and offerings, leading to a better customer experience.

Following the advice of these industry experts will surely help you up to your branding and advertising game and create a unique brand identity.

How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Creativity


With the help of the box communication, branding agency, and creative freedom, clients should foster a holistic view that is not overly demanding but realistic.

Ever since marketing was recognised as an essential tool, agencies and the creative industry are often burdened with the catchphrase of doing something unconventional, in other words, out-of-the-box. While we all respect that distinct flavors and individuality need to be added to the client’s branding & campaigns, there is also a need to understand the thought that goes behind. Going out-of-the-box isn’t always required, especially where straight and direct communication can have a better impact. There are many advertisements that emphasize the need to go direct so as to avoid the entire read-between-lines communication.

Branding Agency

Hence, while agency people are always told, “We need something creative”, “This is too run-of-the-mill”, “There is nothing new in this” there is something that goes amiss quite often - the message. While the process of ideating behind a product has high importance and helps us push our boundaries, it is just as important to focus on the direct communication of the message.


There is no value that can be put to an artist’s labor, but there is a currency that runs the world. Estimated costs and money go behind creating successful campaigns and making them stand out. While the industry standards keep varying, how do we price creativity? How do we price the processing time that goes behind? How do we price the hard work and labor that a designer or writer puts behind creating out-of-the-box content? The answer lies in ‘detailing’. Often underestimated, the art of detailing often doesn’t get due respect because of lack of ‘behind the scene’ know-how. We, at Decode Mediacom, truly believe that perfectionism can never get too much, detailing can never get too much, creativity can never get too much, if only we learn to value it.

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The art of creativity and curating relevant content in the field of communication requires synergy, teamwork, and a whole lot of brainstorming. While agencies are designed to translate & transform the client’s vision, the subtleties of the creatives & brand collateral start fading if due ‘creative freedom’ is compromised. For successful marketing campaigns, it is essential that the boundaries of creative experts be respected with trust, faith, and constructive feedback. No amount of creative freedom is too much if the message is signed, sealed, and delivered as per the client’s vision.

Branding Agency

While there are many constraints that agencies are bound with, understanding how to walk the fine line and maintaining a balance is an art that is essential to master. But more importantly, clients should foster a balanced and holistic view that is not overly demanding but is rather realistic.