Website designing and website development, what’s the difference?

To put it out there neatly, web designing and web developing are intertwined, so much so, that it always creates confusion for those who want to explore. Web-designing, while purely, is connected with creative aspects of the website, web development essentially requires technical knowledge.

By recording the key differences between these two on this blog we will help you to determine, whether you need a web designer or a web developer. Let’s understand the concept first before getting into the differences.

What is web design?

Basically, web designing is translating an idea or thought into a visual appearance using a mix of layouts that provide an eye-catching look, feel, and a greater user experience. Web design is the foundation on which the building is built by web developers.

What is web development?

Web development is the art of giving life to a web design. A web developer develops the functionality of each designing aspect to ensure the website is capable of conveying the purpose, as well as, interact with users. The job of the front-end developer is to develop an interface that enables interaction between the design and back-end.

Web Designing

Web designing skills

Web design is by and large developed using designing software such as photo-shop, illustrator, and 3D Max. While designing, a designer takes care of various designing elements, color combinations, composition, as well as, typography.

Web developing skills

Web development involves the three most important components namely Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP), and JavaScript (JS). The developer also works with CMS such as Word-Press or PHP.

Both web designing and web development rely on each other wholesomely to shape- up the user experience that is par excellence. Both aspects work for a single purpose, but choose a different path. Hence, they are fundamentally different.

Web Designing

The Difference

Web Designer Web Developer
Aesthetics and cosmetics are taken care of. Ensures each element of design such as navigation bar, buttons, forms, etc works
Web designers are basically artistic by nature Web developers are fundamentally technical masters in their realm.
Design deals with the looks and appearance of the elements Development defines the interface and builds functions and applicability.
Web design involves a deep understanding of styles, layout patterns, color palettes, images Development revolves around legalizing and codifying these designing elements into functions
The designer receives his inspirations from the real-time world environments Developer largely relies on knowledge, experience, and best practices.
A website designer develops his portfolio on Behance and Dribble A web developer uses Github and StackOverflow to showcase his experience
A website designer should be innovative. A web developer should be knowledgeable.

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Things to remember while working together

There may be differences in the manner in which both the designer and developer think and apply their skills, nonetheless, they both are incomplete without each other and have potentially relied on each other to provide the best results in the end.

Its important to register that a website cannot be built without neither a web designer, nor a web developer. On the surface, these two roles stand apart, but deep down the process lane, they both communicate the exact message to the end-users.

In the end, instead of picking two different individuals with no communication prior to coming together, it’s always better to hire an agency that provides superior service, as well as, post-designing services and maintenance services. Collaborate with us to learn more.

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