a-rising – Dr Priti Adani on Women’s Day 2022

On International Women’s Day 2022, the Adani Foundation came up with A-rising with Impact Makers initiative to applaud the change makers working from the grassroots. Chairperson Dr Priti Adani talks to women from across the country, who share lessons, experiences, and aspirations.

Associated with various livelihood initiatives anchored by the Adani Foundation, these women are learning, earning, and thriving. As they grow from strength to strength in their respective areas of work, their family and community members are also benefitting. This further supports our belief that women empowerment and gender equality are the way forward towards sustainable development.

Established in 1996, the Adani Foundation today has widespread operations in 16 states that include 2,409 villages and towns across the country. It is touching the lives of more than 3.7 million people in the core areas of Education, Community Health, Sustainable Livelihood Development and Infrastructure Development.

Pragya Ba Bhatti from Mota-Kapaya village, Kutch, symbolises courage and determination. Her family faced a financial crisis when her husband met with an accident. But, she rose to the occasion and joined Adani Foundation cooking group for women. From hardly managing two meals a day for her family to now cooking for the masses, Pragya Ba Bhatti has come a long way through courage and determination.

This short film is about an ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams. Veena Devangan who hails from Parsa village, Chattisgarh, always regretted that she couldn’t study further as her parents married her off at young age. So, she took up the role of homemaker after marriage. Then, she joined Adani Foundation’s training programme, which helped her initiate her career through various projects. Gradually, she was promoted to a leadership role now runs the “Project Masala” unit of the MUBBS organisation run under the Adani Foundation. Veena Devangan is a perfect example of women’s empowerment. A woman who turned odds in her favour through her hard work and determination.

Rekha Bisen from Berdipur, Maharashtra, lost her husband at a young age. After her husband’s death, she tended to her two kids by working as farm labour. Money earned through didn’t suffice for her family’s needs. Hence, she joined project Suposhan of Adani Foundation. Seeing her hard work, the foundation decided to promote her to its dairy project, where she works as a Sangini. Rekha’s journey towards self-reliance is worth watching.

This film is about Suraja T.K., who runs Clean4U Cleaning Services in Mukkola, Kerala. She joined Adani Foundation’s training programme under Viz mart, where she acquired leadership skills to start her own cleaning services under . Suraja T.K’s journey from an ordinary housewife to leading a team of 25 women under her is truly inspiring.

These short films were produced under the aegis of Adani foundation under their A-rising with Impact Makers initiative for International Women’s Day 2022. These were telecasted during an interactive session hosted by Dr Priti Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation.