In the world of glorification, we render simplicity. Complexity with jargon is not our propensity. In a world that depends on coffee dispensers to brew their coffee packs, We still are in awe of homebrews which bring along love and positive kicks. In the quest of conquering trends, we take refuge in old-school thinking. Technology is not the ‘only’ keyword, we let applications and numbers also do the talking.

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In the brand development journey of a company or an organisation or a product or a service, there are many milestones. Catering to each such milestone is Decode Mediacom that transcends and leverages the brand’s potential into creating holistic brand perception and brand positioning. Serving with integrated branding solutions that encompass online and offline marketing strategies, we, at Decode Mediacom, become the communication partners in your brand journey. With carefully curated ideas, 13 years of industry experience and tailor-made solutions, a collaboration with us could be what sets you apart from your competition.

Video Production

If orange is the new black, then videos are the new books! Aren’t we all addicted to motion pictures in some or the other way?. Decode boasts of providing all sorts of video production solutions. From corporate films to documentaries, from explainer videos to infographic videos, we do it all. If you want to tell stories in motion, write to us now.

Graphic Designing

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand! A well-designed creative can amplify the reach of your message by manifolds. Decode leverages design to tell brand stories in a visually appealing way, enchanting the target audience. Brochures, identity designing, event branding, coffee table books, campaign designing; we do it all. If you want to empower your brand, get it designed with us.

Web Development

A website is a like a window that allows the consumers to peek into your business. Having a well-designed website that has an exceptional user interface has become a basic necessity for any and every entity. Keeping it aesthetic, functional and easy to use is what Decode Mediacom does. From e-commerce websites to blog, event personal or business websites; we do them all, and we do them well!

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Digital Marketing

The competitor is just a click away! It is hence imperative that a brand meets its consumer where they are. This understanding is what leads Decode to use its experience and dynamic nature to keep up with the newest developments in the digital marketing sector and tell a brand’s most authentic story, be it through social media management, online reputation management, digital PR, search engine optimisation, or e-mail marketing.

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Integrated Branding

A brand is a story that is told on multiple avenues. Integrated Branding measures ensure that they all tell the same story! Hence, the best decision you can make for your brand is to adopt a holistic approach! At Decode, we see to it that everything – from website to social media management and offline branding endeavours, everything is in sync with the original brand identity and objective.

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Growth Hacking

If you don’t unlock your growth potential, you are losing the game! Understanding that it is vital for any entity to invest time, resources and effort into taking a leap into a new growth tangent, Decode offers to be a crucial support in this endeavour. Be it revamping your brand identity, escalating sales figures or generating leads, Decode ensures that your brand receives the thrust it deserves.

Decoding the aesthetics of Mother Nature, the stories of creation and the language in which the universe communicates, is not just a form of art appreciation, but is also vital for those in the field of communication and design. We Decoders are on a constant vigil in our quest to decipher the codes in Nature. It is always fascinating to see how honey bees communicate in unified Mexican waves flapping their wings to keep the predators at bay, or how in flowers, snail conches, and human bodies, we see the Golden Ratio weaving its magic to create the perfect form. We learn from them and implement the same in our work. And while big agencies talk about their role models and inspirations, we simply put that there can be no bigger muse than Nature itself.

In this transient world where change is the only constant, it is imperative for the advertising industry to nurture change managers that not only help entities sustain themselves, but also help them break the gravitational orbit of sustenance and propel them on a growth tangent. This helps enrich the collective industry knowledge and brings about a transformation.
We Decoders have always believed in facilitating this process and being functional on various phases of change management.

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In our decade long journey, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with entities from various sectors and be a part of their growth. From Government departments to non-profits, and from showbiz to the services sector; each sector we worked with posed its own demands and its own challenges. We stood the test of time with them and bettered ourselves with each project. And as our experiences enrichened, so did our services. But the fact that we take most pride in is that most of our clients have stayed with us. In our business relationships, we have had no break-ups, just happily ever-afters.

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Manufacturing Industries

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Pharma Industry

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Real Estate

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Over the years, we have established long term relationships with the entities we have worked with. Enviable by many, these associations have proved that when we Decoders join hands, it is for life.

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