Difference between editorials and advertorials


They say, “Every publicity is good publicity”. It doesn’t matter who said this, but the fact remains that both editorials and advertorials are by and large marketing tools; however serving different goals. While an editorial helps to enhance the public relation of the brand or a company, an advertorial directly enhances the sales pitch with careful craft and authentic content. However, the results may not be the same in the times of rapidly growing fake and paid news portals

Intrigued to learn more? Let us take a deeper look into what these two forms of marketing basically are, why they are necessary, their drivers, and the differences between the two.

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Does it become crucial to evaluate the outcomes of a marketing plan before making your next marketing pitch? According to a survey, most Americans are intimidated by direct and pushy marketing gimmicks in the manner they are presented. They also added that this intimidation clouds their decision making power.

The suggestions from this survey encouraged marketers across industries to adopt subtle messaging with adequate information. This resulted in brands starting to take the importance of advertorials more seriously. Advertisements still continue to dominate the marketing budget; however, it seems with intervention, advertorials have regained its worth.

Editorials are composed of intellectual opinions about larger issues affecting society, while advertorials are opinions purchased by the brands to promote their reputation and enhance the same. Hence, there is a fundamental difference between both of them. Here, in this blog, we will try to dissect both forms of advertising and will elaborate on their nature, character, elements, and uniqueness.

What is an Editorial?

For news media, an editorial is the heart and soul of representation. Be it print media or broadcast media, editorial represents the exclusive opinion of the publishing house, not just of the author.

An editorial is defined as a statement of opinion by a news media on current affairs affecting the society at large. Opinions that are expressed by an expert carry the weight of knowledge and rationale which makes editorial statements worth believing. An editorial lends the reader to think out of the box. By nature, editorials do not force-feed the readers or viewers, therefore, readers can take the liberty to interpret the same perspective from various lenses.

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What is an Advertorial?

Advertorials are just another form of advertisement that often uses the format similar to an article, mentioning important information about a brand or a product through a written language, instead of info-graphics and colors. Advertorials are effective tools used instead of advertisements to create authenticity.

Simply put, an advertorial can be presented as an article, website page, or video programming that is designed to look and read like objective journalistic content but is, in fact, a paid advertisement. An advertorial may convey useful information, however, its primary objective is to effectively market a company’s products.

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