How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Creativity


With the help of the box communication, branding agency, and creative freedom, clients should foster a holistic view that is not overly demanding but realistic.

Ever since marketing was recognised as an essential tool, agencies and the creative industry are often burdened with the catchphrase of doing something unconventional, in other words, out-of-the-box. While we all respect that distinct flavors and individuality need to be added to the client’s branding & campaigns, there is also a need to understand the thought that goes behind. Going out-of-the-box isn’t always required, especially where straight and direct communication can have a better impact. There are many advertisements that emphasize the need to go direct so as to avoid the entire read-between-lines communication.

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Hence, while agency people are always told, “We need something creative”, “This is too run-of-the-mill”, “There is nothing new in this” there is something that goes amiss quite often – the message. While the process of ideating behind a product has high importance and helps us push our boundaries, it is just as important to focus on the direct communication of the message.


There is no value that can be put to an artist’s labor, but there is a currency that runs the world. Estimated costs and money go behind creating successful campaigns and making them stand out. While the industry standards keep varying, how do we price creativity? How do we price the processing time that goes behind? How do we price the hard work and labor that a designer or writer puts behind creating out-of-the-box content? The answer lies in ‘detailing’. Often underestimated, the art of detailing often doesn’t get due respect because of lack of ‘behind the scene’ know-how. We, at Decode Mediacom, truly believe that perfectionism can never get too much, detailing can never get too much, creativity can never get too much, if only we learn to value it.

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The art of creativity and curating relevant content in the field of communication requires synergy, teamwork, and a whole lot of brainstorming. While agencies are designed to translate & transform the client’s vision, the subtleties of the creatives & brand collateral start fading if due ‘creative freedom’ is compromised. For successful marketing campaigns, it is essential that the boundaries of creative experts be respected with trust, faith, and constructive feedback. No amount of creative freedom is too much if the message is signed, sealed, and delivered as per the client’s vision.

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While there are many constraints that agencies are bound with, understanding how to walk the fine line and maintaining a balance is an art that is essential to master. But more importantly, clients should foster a balanced and holistic view that is not overly demanding but is rather realistic.