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Riding on new trends and technology disruption, Decode Mediacom, a video production company, has come to be widely known for the many kinds of videos produced with great art and finesse. In a world of aspiring and amateur filmmakers, a professional video production house with varied expertise and experience of over 13 years is calling the shots in the city. Leveraging our vast experience, a team of experts, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and lucrative collaborations, we produce a range of videos suited to your custom needs and expectations.

Our Popular Video Production Services

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Why Choose Video Marketing Agency

Let’s hear it in numbers!

  • Over 82% of the content consumed online is in the form of videos
  • Information disseminated through videos is retained up to 95%, as against information disseminated through text, which is 10%
  • A third of all the time spent online is spent watching videos
  • 96% of people claim to have watched at least one explainer video for a better understanding of a product or a service
  • 9 out of 10 people would prefer if businesses released more videos

The pandemic has affected how we live, work, and shop and how we consume content online. Not surprisingly, studies suggest that most of the content that we consume online is in the form of videos. And this is not limited to entertainment arenas but also to pragmatic tasks like shopping or understanding products, services, and processes. Be it a social media platform like Instagram or a shopping portal like Amazon, video content, including corporate videos, is ruling the charts.

Although video content garners the most engagement, producing a video, especially corporate films, is highly demanding. While some may argue that anyone can create a video with a smartphone and an editing app, the reality is far from it. Creating a video of any form, including corporate video production, requires the right perspective and understanding of the craft. A hand on the pulse of cinematic language and visual grammar and being able to deliver the right tonality are intrinsic to making films and videos and ensuring that the right message is delivered to the audience. These factors define the difference between owning a good camera and being a filmmaker, and they are crucial when seeking professional video production services.

As a video production agency, we have the expertise & finesse, resources, creative acumen, and technical know-how in corporate video production services. In the ever-evolving industry, we continuously upgrade our infrastructure & forge lucrative collaborations with renowned names. With a state-of-the-art studio in Ahmedabad, a core team of experts – conceptualizers, visualizers, scriptwriters, cameramen, cinematographers, editors, colourists, and animation artists – and well-choreographed teamwork. Moreover, as a production agency, we produce engaging, interactive, impactful, and evocative videos.

Decode Mediacom

With the experience of producing videos for over 13 years, we, at Decode Mediacom, not only boast of expertise & finesse but also of resources, creative acumen and technical know-how. In the ever-evolving industry, we continuously upgrade our infrastructure & forge lucrative collaborations with renowned names in the industry. With a state-of-the-art studio in Ahmedabad, a core team of experts – conceptualizers, visualizers, scriptwriters, cameramen, cinematographers, editors, colourists, and animation artists – along with well-choreographed teamwork, Decode Mediacom produces videos that are engaging, interactive, impactful, and evocative.

What we Offer as a Video Production Agency

  • State-of-the-art studio
  • Team of over two dozen enthusiasts that includes conceptualizers, visualizers, scriptwriters, cameramen, cinematographers, editors, colourists, and animation artists
  • Access to all kinds of equipment required for extensive productions
  • Multiple Post production setups
  • A varied experience in all types of film production

It is vital to have an acumen that helps the client understand what kind of video, such as corporate films, would suit their needs and how that can be optimized for the best ROI. This is another area where we at Decode Mediacom demonstrate expertise as a branding agency. As an agency offerings services like social media video production, online reputation management, branding, and web development, we have a knack for holistically understanding a brand. Consequently, along with offering solutions, we also offer stratification of video content and dissemination, ensuring that our video production services align with our clients’ broader marketing goals.

Video Portfolio

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The Process Behind Video Production Services


This is where our team members come together and brainstorm for video production service ideas that would be lucrative, attractive, and deliver the message effectively. Depending on the scale and the project, this process can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. But if push comes to shove, we can produce ideas in less than an hour! Although even in such cases, we ensure that we do not miss out on key delivery points and stay true to the identity of the client. These ideas are then presented to the client for feedback and approval before the actual scripting begins.


This is one of the most crucial phase of corporate video making service as this is where the ideas are etched out in detail. Careful consideration and a deep thought process go behind each word that is put on paper. The final script needs to adhere to the idea, the identity of the client, and the video-length limits, apart from using the right tonality and delivering the message aptly and effectively. But the process doesn’t end here. The scriptwriters are also responsible for visualizing each shot and presenting how each frame would look to the client.


Storyboarding is a process of social media video production that makes visualization for a client even more easy as it involves presenting actual visual references. Owing to the scale, some projects involve creating hand-drawn references, while for others, ready-references are used. Apart from helping the client visualize, this process also allows them a peek into the intended look and feel of the final film.


This is the stage is a part of video company profile where the work pertaining to finalizing locations, auditioning actors, seeking permissions, arranging props, making travel arrangements, preparing schedules and finalizing other such work is completed. If this stage is handled deftly, the chances of finishing the shoot in the stipulated time without exceeding the budget become very high.


After the above phases, the actual shooting process starts. Some challenges faced in this process are meeting the physical challenges posed by unforeseen changes in weather, arduous terrains, reaching remote locations, working for long hours, and handling heavy equipment. Other challenges involve dealing with uncooperative people and other such problems. As a video production house, Decode Mediacom we are always prepared to handle all this. We also ensure that we take extra shots as many times as extra footage is required unexpectedly on the editing table.

Music & Sound Effects

Some projects require original music which we are responsible for getting produced. Ensuring that the music and supporting vocals reflect the mood and the tonality of the video is of paramount importance as this factor is a big contributor to how the audience feels while and after watching the video. This is true for not only evoking emotions but also for projects that are intended for marketing, fundraising and educational purposes. Even for explainer video production, the music is important as it can make a video interesting as well as boring.


The post-production stage of our video production services goes beyond the editing of the footage and involves color correction, placement of music, SFX, VFX, adding motion graphics, animating still elements or graphics, adding subtitles, and a few other such tasks. This is where all the efforts culminate to create a video. This crucial phase has a great impact on the final product, irrespective of how good the footage is.

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