Documenting Narendra Modi Stadium – The World’s Largest Cricket Stadium

Boasting of its astonishing seating capacity of over 1 lakh people, the newly inaugurated Narendra Modi Stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world and second-largest sports ground in the world. Spread over 63 acres, the stadium houses an Olympic-level swimming pool, an indoor academy, and a gigantic main ground that accommodates 11 center pitches! And the most astonishing part is that it was built in a record-breaking time of 3 days!

The stadium also has a badminton & tennis court, table tennis area, squash arena, a 3D projector theater, and a gigantic clubhouse which has 3 practice grounds and 50 rooms. It has an enormous seating capacity of 114,000, which is approximately 14% higher than the second-largest cricket stadium (Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia).

It was a proud moment for Decode Mediacom as we partnered with Gujarat Cricket Association and Rajya Sabha MP Shri Parimal Natwani to make this video about the historic Narendra Modi Stadium – the World’s Largest Cricket Stadium at Motera in Ahmedabad. It was a privilege for our team to shoot this majestic stadium and its state-of-art facilities and come up with an elaborate feature video. Being the official video of which was broadcasted across the globe, this video was screened during the inaugural ceremony of the stadium that was showcased across the nation on Doordarshan and other channels. We thank GCA and Shri Parimal Nathwani from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful opportunity.

The entire process of shooting this vast and versatile cricket stadium was a great experience, one which marveled us and tested our photography skills to the limit. From its beguiling architectural beauty to the opulent interiors, each and every aspect of this stadium is breath-taking, and we hope that we did justice to its beauty with our documentation.

It is bewildering to imagine that this place will be a witness to some of the most quintessential international cricket matches which will be played in the future, with pioneering cricket players pouring their blood and sweat on this ground.