Evolution of Marketing Tools: A Comparative Study

A digital marketing expert with a decade-long experience is a repository of knowledge that is beyond books. Digital marketing is in the parallel world, a galaxy of information and intelligence. They say the more vibrant and diverse the field of knowledge is, the more it opens to evolutions.

The field of marketing is similarly ever evolving. From traditional marketing to present-day digital marketing to the future of marketing, the tools of communicating with the customers have evolved with each generational shift and they continue to reemerge, expand and innovate.

What are marketing tools?

Strategy, equipment, techniques, and objects –  sum of these four attributes fall in the purview of marketing tools. A marketing strategy is a tool to integrate all other tools for optimum utilization and maximum results. A marketing strategy includes campaigns, advertisements, advetorials, editorials, marketing-shoots, contests, collaborations and events. All of these used in strategies help the brand to boost their engagement with consumers. Similarly, various equipment such as Social Media platforms, SMS Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Door-to-door Marketing to name a few are used to communicate about the brand to consumers.

Evolution: In Focus

In simple marketing language, evolution means constant upgradation of marketing vehicles to bring about profitable results. To explain the term “Up-gradation”, we digital marketing experts at Decode Mediacom evaluated the increment in the scope, scale, and speed of marketing tools. Hence, to judge the scale and scope, we need a comparative study between traditional marketing tools and digital marketing tools.

Traditional Marketing Tools:

Conventional marketing tools are widely used and received well in every form and this has been a secret mantra for many, for far too long. We come across them almost on a daily basis. They are as follows:

  • NewspaperAds
  • Billboards
  • Pamphlets and brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines Articles
  • Television and Radio Ads
  • Exhibitions

Digital Marketing Tools:

Digital marketing tools are now widely used and have relatively challenged the traditional tools as far as effectiveness and outcomes are concerned. Those connected with the internet become familiar with these tools every day.

  • Search Engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Social media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing


As we discussed earlier that scope, scale, and speed are the basic parameters to evaluate the evolution of marketing tools. Let’s examine each of them.


While we observed that traditional marketing tools work extremely effective for the local audience in a narrow geographic area, however, fails to achieve a global outreach. On the brighter side, digital marketing tools offer a larger outreach in order to reach audiences globally.


In a nation like India, where each state has diversity of language, traditional marketing tools enable a wider scope of positive results within the boundaries of a state. Comparatively, digital marketing tools can have a scope as broad as brands wish to have with almost no bearers.


Digital content through a SMS, video, or social media can travel a million light-years in a few moments, while traditional marketing tools fail to catch up with internet’s speed to generate instant engagement over content.

As we know the key objective of marketing is to communicate with the customers and build relationships, communication has played a vital role in the evolution of marketing tools.


The biggest evolution could well be defined by the fact that digital marketing tools offer two-way communication opportunities in which a brand interacts with the consumers easily. Such privilege is absolutely unavailable, as far as traditional marketing tools are concerned. Therefore, while building the brand and building brand loyalty at a global level is easy through digital marketing compared to traditional media.

However, there is a twist to these facts in cases of some high-valued brands like Colgate, Tata, and Microsoft, who have built their brand globally without the existence of digital media and they are still going strong!

We hope that we made it easy for you to decide which marketing tools out of traditional and digital would you choose to run your next campaign. Remember, a smart digital marketing expert designs his/her/their marketing strategy with a mix of tools from both worlds in order to gain the maximum exposure for his / her / their brand.

To create an excellent marketing mix for your brand, the wisest decision before using digital marketing is to consult a digital marketing expert. Writing resolves everything, write to us your queries our experts at Decode will decode your next successful campaign!