Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing: The Different

social media marketing has replaced traditional marketing Because of the newness of social media marketing businesses tend to take it as social media management


It is a complete downturn of judgment from 2019 to 2021. In a small span of 18 months, opinions on social media have taken demographics by a 180 degree turn. From diluting the adverse effects to spend more time online, we’ve reached the point of accepting in absolute the significance, impact, and inevitability of social media in our lives.


It is high time we stop treating social media as an unknown world and accept that like every other worldly aspect, social media has become the most influential and essential part of human lives. However, Social Media has its own share of pros and cons.

When we look at the positive sides, we have witnessed the positive impact of social media during the pandemic. It has empowered people to come together and take the collective fight against pandemics. Similarly, social media has proven to be a blessing for small and medium businesses when their real businesses lost the marketing opportunities due to lockdown.

Since online identity for every business has become an inadvertent reality, social media marketing has replaced traditional marketing. Because of the newness of social media marketing businesses tend to take it as social media management. In reality, social media marketing differs from social media management in more than one way, we tell you how!

It is essential for businesses and individual professionals to understand the distinction between both of these aspects. In order to leverage from both, we present you with a broader understanding of both, social media marketing, as well as, social media management, and how to create a win-win situation for businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Marketing means promoting your products through specific information. If the same process is carried out on social media platforms, it becomes social media marketing. Social media marketing is largely related to creating and distributing the content related to your product through a predesigned strategy.

Social media marketing is the first step towards building your online presence and later on building a brand. Social media marketing involves both types of marketing; the organic one, as well as, paid advertisements. When a strategy is devised, the content is created and published on social media with the purpose to increase viewership, improve your followers count, generate leads, or sell products.

Your content is targeted in a specific manner towards your audience, and your audience either is directed to your website for more information or towards products on the website or on social media, or on third-party platforms to generate sales.

Social Media Management

The word management explains everything. Social media management is managing the social media accounts, which are used for social media marketing. The aim of social media management is not limited to infuse promotional content on a daily basis, but to engage with the users and consumers to improve brand awareness.

Social media management deals with consumer responses, feedback, user engagement along building brand identity. In a nutshell, social media management helps businesses to build relationships with customers.


As a digital marketing specialist, we often hear businessmen and professionals saying, “I know I need social media, but I don’t know where to start from; marketing or management?. In reality, social media marketing and social management are two halves of the whole. However, there is a fundamental difference in both processes.

Art Vs. Science

You may think that social media marketing is a strategy-driven process with no aesthetic or nuance. Well, creating content is indeed an art. Also, designing the content is an extension of the same art.

You can develop as many strategies as you want, but are of no use unless creative content is produced. Ultimately it is the content that communicates with the audience, not just your strategy.

On the other hand, the management of social media is purely based on norms and a structured system developed by digital marketing experts. Content can be varied and creative, but managing the publication and engaging consumers must be rule-based and in accordance with the communication strategy.

Paid Vs. Organic

Marketing involves both the aspects; paid, as well as, organic. Digital marketing professionals would employ every possible tool to promote the content related to brands and products. Hence, paid social media advertisements and organic posts work in rhythm to create brand awareness.

However, social media management has nothing to do with anything paid. It is more related to managing content on all social media platforms, constant engagement with the users, and data analysis to help devise marketing strategies.

Takes Two to Tango

Is there any business out that does not want to improve their sales and profits? Of course this is no social work. Sometimes your ultimate goal stands between success and marketing. Traditional marketing tools rarely offer an opportunity to directly engage with customers. With social media, the scenario has changed. Hence, businesses will have to change their thinking in order to improve their sales.

Unless businesses develop a social media strategy that adds value to the user experience and create an opportunity to develop a relationship, social media strategies will not fetch their desired results.

Businesses, as well as, digital marketing specialists must emphasize on devising a strategy that involves effective content creation and publication on one hand, and on the other managing the presence through engagement.

Designing a social media marketing strategy and managing that strategy effectively with the help of social media management would ensure your long-term digital presence and consistent customer engagement which finally results in a loyal consumer base.

Digital marketing as a whole is slowly becoming a lifeline for businesses. Among all the digital marketing tools, social media is generating the highest value for consumers and greater success for businesses.

We may differentiate as many aspects as we want, the inclusive digital marketing strategy would pay reach dividend regardless of your business type. If you want to learn more about digital marketing strategies and success stories, subscribe to our blogs. And if you wish to make a success story, remember, we are just a call away!