The importance of Event Marketing

Every global pandemic brings a paradigm shift in the manner in which we think and act. Nonetheless, the challenges have opportunities at their core. However, the world of marketing is always heavily affected by global changes and relies on opportunities brought by challenges.

The last wave of globalization at the end of the 20th century changed the world of marketing fundamentally, forcing old-age marketing professionals to take the back seat when it comes to customer engagement. Event marketing is one of many ideas that surfaced during those times and survived until now.


Event marketing involves the live display of business elements packaged in various multimedia themes to achieve the attention of selective target audience to influence their ideas. The main objective of event marketing is to shape up the conversation between the seller and the buyer and to build a potential pipeline.


Event marketing involves a number of means to achieve the goal. Nowadays, digital marketing strategists while drawing an overall marketing campaign give importance to business conferences, industry-specific exhibitions, as well as, trade shows. Based on the product type, even theme-based stand-alone events are also planned.

While drawing marketing strategies, marketing professionals tend to utilize all kinds of events related to products or brands for various purposes. One efficient and productive strategy for event marketing is that it allows multifaceted promotions. Definitely targeting and selling is the principal objective, there are many events that provide an opportunity to accelerate brand building, brand enhancement, communication, data collection, as well as, loyalty building.


Given the fact that event marketing is such an effective marketing tool, the marketing strategy should always involve objectives and targets. No matter how popular the event is or how many visitors inquired about your products, if you succeed, you build a robust pipeline from the event or to the least, collect data to succeed the next time around


Since event marketing opportunities opens you to a wide and diverse audience, therefore, immediate review of the outcome and strategy must be carried out by the digital marketing strategists in order to identify the areas where the performance is lacking to streamline focus on what’s need to be done to improve the same.

The Importance of Event Marketing

As marketing strategists, what excites us the most about event marketing is an opportunity to observe consumer behavior closely and to understand how they interact with brands and what helps them make a buying decision. Simultaneously, you also get a sneak-peek into another aspect which is how we build a relationship between the brand and the buyer with tangible solutions.

However, the prime goal of event marketing is to improve sales and building a robust client pipeline. Let’s visit those reasons that make event marketing important for digital marketing strategists and businesses alike.

Direct Sales

Nothing can be better than closing deals and selling products from the event itself. Marketing strategies are always drawn with the aim to immediately influence the buyer’s decision in favor of products. Therefore, event marketing also pitches for direct and bold promotion of the brand.

However, gaining more clients than inquiry is a dream that is rarely achieved. Therefore, the second-best goal is to build an unwavering pipeline of customer channels.

Lead Generation

When it comes to event marketing, potential buyers always beat the not-so-potential buyers. In fact, all the marketing strategists understand that lead generation is far more important for the long shelf life of a brand than simply selling the product off. Therefore, a very significant part of marketing strategy is always invested in lead generation.

Various studies explain that about 65% of visitors inquire about the product later through other sources. The businesses also collect a large number of E-mails to later build a relationship with potential buyers by promoting their products through E-mail marketing.

Brand Awareness

The best part about event marketing is you don’t need to convince everyone around to check your products as an event stall is often visited by almost all the visitors. The fact that a large number of people are going to visit your stall at the event gives you an amazing opportunity to nurture awareness of your brand.

Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to interact with potential buyers and get their feedback instantly.

Brand Loyalty

If you are a business in the industry for a long time, there is a chance that many people visiting the event have already used your products and additional opinions already. As a business, event marketing provides an opportunity to build and strengthen trust among those who already use your products.

Businesses have an opportunity to listen to a negative opinion about the products. For those customers who once used your product, but are no more using it, businesses have an opportunity to win back brand loyalty at an event.

Market Leadership

It’s always important to showcase the fact that as a business you know what you do. In addition, showcasing innovations is also a significant step in building market leadership. As a leader, you can always impart industry-specific knowledge for others to learn from your experience, which results in enhanced credibility for the brand.

We as digital marketing strategists at Decode Mediacom understand that online presence is inevitable for businesses, marketing and promotion to remain digitally advanced by and large. Despite this, there are some traditional marketing strategies that should be enhanced, instead of challenging it. Event marketing is an effective non-digital marketing vertical that sometimes overrides the benefits achieved by digital marketing.

In closing one must always remember that marketing strategy must involve virtual, as well as, real-world tools for extensive brand reach and for positioning the brand. To learn more about event marketing, contact us for guidance.