Expos and trades continue to remain high value marketing platforms as they play a game-changing role in accelerating the pace of economic recovery in the post-pandemic world. About 99 per cent of exhibitors believe that trade exhibitions bring distinctive value that is not available through other marketing channels. Moreover, such events are a great way of initiating a conversation, leading to purchases.

The stalls/stands/booths at exhibitions are a great way of B2B branding, as most brands meet for the first time face-to-face at such events. Apart from being a great opportunity to put out your brand on show, it also comes with the pressure of creating strategic and impactful first impressions.

That is when the stall designing companies pitch in. When a company decides to put up a stand in an exhibition, it wishes to install a miniature version of the brand on the ground for people to immerse into. Exhibition stalls are not just platforms that showcase your products but is an opportunity to draw an everlasting impression of your brand on potential clients. Stalls are brand experiences crafted creatively in spaces that enchant your audience.

Over a period of time, exhibition stall designers have gained a lot of traction for their role in B2B branding and have become a separate industry in itself. Although the services of such stall designers do not derive any tangible gains, they craft unique experiences that takes forward a brand’s journey.

About Focus Design

Focus Design began as an exhibition stall/booth design company in 2008. Since then, the company has successfully created a reputation as one-stop solution provider for all exhibition stall designing and fabrication needs. In addition, the company focuses on optimising the trade show participation of different brands.

The company has worked with prestigious organisations from varied sectors for over a decade, catering to their needs in national and international exhibitions. These sectors range from plumbing, wood, tourism, chemicals, and other expos. Over a period of 15 years, the company has defied stereotypes by carving out unique ideas to stand apart in Trade shows.

Focus Design has expanded to have a allied brand name of Focus Design Europe to cater to the clients across the Europe, and western part of the globe. Focus Trade Fairs fuses design, aesthetics, fabrication techniques, space modelling, user experience and technology while working on their assignments. This recipe has helped them become the pioneer in the market.


Being in marketing space for over 15 years, Focus Trade Fairs had hardly focused on their own branding before our association. Focus Trade Fairs, a pioneer in the stall designing industry, was required to set out testimonials of some of its best works across the globe on the internet. With limited presence on the world wide web, the brand was missing out on the myriad avenues that digital marketing brought about.

The company demanded online brand marketing with special emphasis on showcasing its work to its target audience. While people are usually aware of event management companies and their services, introducing a company that singularly works in only stall-making needed full knowledge of their field.

After a few heavy discussions on how the industry works and understanding the technicalities, we aimed to create its presence felt through effective content development.

Firstly, we focused on generating case studies of some of their work assignments from India and abroad. Then, to create awareness about their services, we begin to inform people about how versatile a little industry can get. Therefore, we emphasised on presenting the intricacies of their work through blogs, social media and offline marketing. Apart from this, we also developed content for email marketing through emailers and portfolio spreads.

We also relished designing their website. Website is your own market space which enables you to reach out to your potential customers. Our primary focus remained on creating a website that has umpteen space for their portfolio followed by SEO exercise for traffic building. A major emphasis was also laid upon blog writing in an attempt to hook the audience to our website for knowledge and sectoral inputs.


Focus Trade Fairs is placed in a niche market with its own set of opportunities and challenges. Hence, it took time for us to understand the technicalities of their industry to pick the right keywords and reach out to the right audience.

Their website and social media need not require a lot of traffic but the right traffic, which would translate into business. Therefore, optimising their internet presence became pivotal rather than beating around the bush with just creative writing. While competing with global brands in the same sector, it becomes a little tricky to garner first page ranking with relevant keywords.

Not only this, as the company operates globally, we have to constantly keep a tab on global trends for the content generation to stay ahead of the competition. We also need to keep jargons that are used in different countries as a part of our keyword exercise. For example, in some countries stalls are known as stands, while in others they are called booths. Hence, research becomes pivotal to putting our best foot forward almost all the time.


Innovation is the ability to see the change as an opportunity and not a threat. To work on a project that has successfully carved out its niche in the industry was more of an adventure and brought a lot of learning.

It developed our understanding of a new sector. However, as we both work in the field of creativity, we enjoy our shared like-mindedness in various aspects. This way, we evolve and explore a variety of ideas to experiment with. Such chemistry helps in staying ahead in the competition and leaving sustainable digital footprints.

While learning jargon related to their industry came as a challenge, we got a hands-on experience in their field while engaging in developing diverse literature.


When Focus Design began its operations, the brand had to rely upon traditional business development sources. But, while the company was thriving in the past decade, new marketing avenues opened with the advent of digital marketing. As a result, leveraging on the website traffic, the SEO game and the social media became inevitable. Owing to these exercises, over a period of time, the brand has had some tangible and intangible gains.

It goes without saying that building a website is like building a landmark that brings potential customers to your doorstep. Moreover, it gives an additional advantage of displaying your work before scheduling a meeting, which helps in cutting the chase.

It is not an overstatement to state that the company has derived revenues and increased its sales by upping the digital marketing game. Other than this, a few intangible gains too have stemmed from this association. For example, our client is recognised as a pioneering entity that has mastered the art and craft of the stall designing industry.

We are glad to work with Focus Design for its unconditional faith in our work and belief in it.