Digital Era has dramatically transformed the essentials of the marketing mix into more demanding and aggressive tactics. Previously, the scope was limited to creating visually appealing ad campaigns on television or creative outdoor publicity; now, marketers have acquired more interactive tools, thanks to Web 2.0, to engage with their customers.

Today’s marketing mix tactics comprise a landing page for the product (website), soliciting search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, online videos, newsletters and emailers other than the traditional tools for marketing.

With such unlimited scope of creativity come time and money constraints. Only a competent branding agency can craft an optimised marketing mix suitable for your brand needs that ultimately translates into lucrative returns. Moreover, only a creative agency can suffice the need for consistent and high-quality content to keep in touch with your customer base.

Only effective content marketing helps a brand stay connected to the customers by designing strategies that help you stay relevant, address their queries, and build trust. Moreover, if your company falls under the service sector, defining a healthy content strategy becomes imperative for creating a human touch with your audience.

About N.J Jain & Associates

N.J. Jain & Associates Chartered Accountants is a tax consultancy firm based in Ahmedabad. CA Nitesh Jain leads the firm that has been providing consultancy on GST (service tax) issues, auditing and taxation to clients for 15 years now. The firm serves a large and diverse range of clients in India and abroad with extensive knowledge and guidance on GST (service tax) issues to avoid unwarranted claims in future.

The firm has carved its niche in service taxation by cracking its complexities. Apart from providing consultancy, their team of qualified and semi-qualified employees are well equipped to provide accounting system customisation per the client’s needs.


As services cannot be seen but experienced, firms operating in this sector must generate comprehensive content strategies to convey their brand’s message while reaching out to clients. Yet, it is found that most service sector firms do not engage in marketing their products or allot only a fraction of funds for the same.

They forget that with an absence of content marketing, they would leave their clients clueless and uninformed about the most basic aspects of your company. They wouldn’t know what to expect from your brand. Additionally, customers look forward to gaining regular insights ….. from service sector firms to stay updated.

To conform to similar needs, N.J. Jain and associates approached us to take over their content marketing needs. The established firm demanded content strategies proactively communicate with their clients and consultation to boost their digital presence. It included writing newsletters and emailers and managing their digital media.

The objective was to affirm N.J. Jain and associates’ services in their chosen niche by turning potential customers into long-term clients. We had to establish/ communicate strongly that our professionals are well-trained to handle your case.

Working on the same lines, Decode Mediacom had crafted monthly newsletters that provided updates on government policies and related framework and their effect on different sectors. Blogs became critical in voicing our opinions and advice on varied topics. Our blogs and case studies made their website a more engaging platform for insights and updates on GST compliances. Our articles become the most awaited resources that contained inquisitive insights and analysis on various government notifications and regulations pertaining to taxation and its impact on different businesses.

We also devised a GST compliance calendar for their website that worked as a hands-on dashboard updating companies about important dates to file GST.

As of now, people look for your social media handles before approaching you for business; we amped up their Twitter space by creating polished tweets. In addition, we engaged in establishing their brand image on LinkedIn through various campaigns. We exercised great care in highlighting their brand identity on social media while posting systematic updates on important issues to their clients.

Another fun thing we experimented with was starting a video series on ‘GSTea Talks’ in which all the founding members would sit together to crack puzzling aspects of GST and give fruitful insights to their viewers. It became popular in no time as, needless to say, Chartered Accountants are generally very fine orators.


Curating content for a tax consultancy service that focuses on the most complex aspect of taxation, i.e., GST, was challenging. Each word of our newsletter, blog or 280 characters of our tweet demanded due diligence to avoid an error.

It led us to fully understand their services, which required research and a few crash courses on GST with our client. Then, as we got a grip on the jargon, we had to produce easy-to-understand content that sat well with our audience.

Keeping a tab on the constantly changing GST landscape in the country was also a demanding task. It was crucial for us to understand the perspective of government as well as the business owners and common man so as to understand the holistic vision behind the great law of GST.


Understanding such an intricate tax structure could be tedious, but our esteemed clients easily navigated us through this complex tax. We worked as a team while framing their content marketing strategies and also during the execution.

It smoothened our journey and helped us serve our best in minimum time. It also made the coordination part go well. Moreover, our like-mindedness encouraged us to present unique ideas, resulting in the implementation of consumer-driven conte+nt that impressed their stakeholders.


Our joint efforts helped the firm develop a strong brand perception in the market. Consequently, it also enhanced the scope of communication on their social media, creating interaction on Twitter. Additionally, our video series introduced the top management to its clients, which was able to build a trusting based-relationship. Also, it gathered applause from its clients. Moreover, the newsletters owing to their comprehensiveness, had received a loyal reader base.