Marketers in B2B industries often undermine the value of brand marketing. They often underinvest in marketing their overall brand and rely on traditional campaigns glorifying their performance.

Also, Of the branding basics, the need to be creative and effective in business-to-business marketing has remained a struggle for agencies who deal in integrated branding solutions. Boxing up different marketing collaterals and treating varied marketing needs in silos have not proven useful for such brands.

Unlike other marketing segments, B2B marketing demands diligence and patience when negotiating the decision-making unit while also pacifying their finance production anxieties. This requires thorough research of the potential client as such one-on-one meetings can prove to be a game-changer.

In such cases, a powerful brand strategy becomes the roadmap to establishing brand authenticity and winning customers’ trust. But essentially, when a company’s product mix is complex and caters to only a fine segment of the market, it becomes challenging to create a niche.

In such cases, a brand can die a slow death in the market if its USPs are not defined and communicated well. Due to this, it becomes imperative that the right brand positioning is practised to place the brand in a profitable position. Only the right branding agency can hand-hold and travel together while evolving your brand’s journey.

About New Edge Overseas

NEWEDGE is a global pharma company that collaborates with nations, corporations, & communities to bring affordable and accessible lifecare solutions to people. NEWEDGE Overseas has been providing advanced pharmaceutical solutions for years as an esteemed pharma company. It is an exporter of active pharmaceutical ingredients, FDFs, Intermediates and Nutraceuticals.

The company operates in 40+ countries while trading in 2000+ APIs from more than 500 entities in the healthcare sector. In addition, NEWEDGE facilitates contract manufacturing, contract research, supply chain management, Analytical Method Development and quality management for its clients.

Moreover, the company has been carrying the legacy of its parent firm, NEWEDGE Realty- Gujarat’s renowned real estate consultancy firm for 30 years. So naturally, it was crucial to encash on the established brand yet not dilute the brand identity of the relatively newer brand.


Creating a brand ab initio brings an endless scope of possibilities. It is an opportunity to refine its USPs and derive lucrative returns. Our client is a well-established company with a decade of pharmaceutical sector experience yet fell short on branding.

Although NEWEDGE Overseas flourished with business, it lagged in terms of branding. After gaining a vast experience in the pharma sector, the company has to establish itself as a Thought Leader. A brand that stands apart from others in its limited niche.

NEWEDGE Overseas associated with us for website development and social media handling in 2021. Our services include many things, from logo designing, website content, product brochures, blogs, and social media posts/videos to optimising their SEO.

While designing the brand identity of NEWEDGE Overseas, we only had one brief to work upon- keep it affixed to its parent firm. This limited our scope for creativity and experimentation. For instance, we reiterated the yellow and blue colours in its parent logo to keep the recall value intact.

Also, with its tag line, ‘Towards better healthcare,’ we wanted to make a statement that directly implies the company’s area of work. Hence, we etched the tagline in three words to characterise NEWEDGE Overseas. Further, these insights helped create a brand identity to distinguish them from other usual pharma companies.

Logo, taglines and colours became harbingers of the company’s brand identity, and now we were ready to sketch out effective and comprehensive content for the company’s website, emailers and offline literature such as brochures and flyers.

We prepared precise and sophisticated digital marketing content, promotional write-ups, presentations portraying essential company details, a digital brochure of the company’s stellar products, and creative emailers.

While curating the company’s literature was only the beginning, we were yet to formulate its website. Therefore, it took in-depth research and deep discussions to develop website content for the company. As a result, we provided specialised writings with each unique service and highlighted their global presence and a vast range of products.

Additionally, we planned to design a user-friendly website that was search engine optimised and holistic in nature. Putting out many products, we laid a minimalist UI-UX interface that was simple and authentic.

Generally, websites of pharmaceuticals carry stereotypical layouts that smell of medicines, while we wanted a website that conveys good health. So, we decided to break the monotony and hatched out a vibrant and lively design.

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The volume of the pharmaceutical business is very high as they deal with a wide range of products and exceptional services involving many technicalities. Therefore, we had to understand the sector, its procurement, sales, and distribution services entirely from scratch. It took many offline meetings with the company’s heads to perceive their entire process and discuss our marketing strategies. Finally, after the very short struggling inaugural phase, we started getting familiar with their products and processes.

Yet one of the significant challenges in this project was that the client’s USPs was being underplayed and needed some throttle to establish themselves as a solid brand in the market. Hence, we performed an immediate SWAT analysis of the company’s core value system and shadow brands.


Through this project, we gained an experience in a completely different sector. While curating an integrated brand strategy from scratch for a pharma company came with a learning curve, we could only finish this mammoth task because of their trust and belief in our agency.

Moreover, we are rather elated that the company could strengthen its internal and external communication with our customised brand roadmap. Meanwhile, handling their business development through our written correspondence enhanced our communication abilities.


The company has highly appreciated our efforts towards making their website very impressive. We are proud that all the content that boosts the digital presence of NEWEDGE Overseas in the market has been curated by us.