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Ananla Outdoors is a renowned adventure camping organisation in the city. It was established in the 1980s and through the years, they have carved an unprecedented niche for themselves in the industry. Decode Mediacom’s association with them goes back to our initial years. Over time, we have partnered with them on a number of occasions for the documentation of some of their most prestigious camps. Most recently, in 2017, we made three videos for them, each about 15-20 minutes long, which visually documented camps at Manali, Dalhousie and Jayalgarh.

SECTOR - Education
LOCATION - Pan India

The videos that we were making for Anala Outdoors needed to visually capture the beauty of the destinations, portray the same in the script, and showcase the adventure activities of the campers in an interesting and entertaining way. Though for the first two purposes we could rely on our expertise but showcasing the adventure activities was a daunting task as it involved us to be a part of the terrain. With our heavy set of equipment we had to trek along with the campers which used to last for about 12-13 hours everyday.

Sometimes it required us to raft along while campers were doing white water rafting and also sliding through the snow for descending during the snow treks. Shooting on such a strenuous terrain was not only difficult but also required us to remain ahead in pace with respect to the campers. Also, since there were no possibilities of retakes, shooting at one-go had to be mastered using perspective cams, drones, gimbal-based cameras and steady-cams.

In the end, the videos we made for Anala Outdoors were highly appreciated by the client. The visuals were aesthetic, the script was poetic and the adventure camping montages and the interviews added a fun element. All in all, the endeavour was a great success for us.These videos are currently used by Anala Outdoors for their marketing purposes.

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