Online Reputation Management

Digital disruption has caused a significant shift in how a company spends its marketing budget. While some businesses are wholly run online and entirely rely on online traffic to stay afloat, most companies actively invest their resources in building a solid online presence. As a robust online presence is critical for a company to secure a sustainable future, modern marketers have invented tools such as Digital PR, SEO and SMM to sharpen their digital persona. The need for an active digital presence is not just limited to companies but is also imperative for individuals holding reputed societal positions.

What they need is proactive Online Reputation Management. Nowadays, personalities have the additional pressure of staying relevant with ongoing trends and increasing their digital footprints while voicing their opinions and networking with their followers and like-minded people on the internet.

And this is where individual consultancy and agency backups come into the picture. Online reputation management allows entities and individuals to track clients’ feedback, negative comments, and media mentions continuously. It polishes an individual’s image and proactively avoids judgment errors in critical situations through continuous sentiment analysis.

Parimal Nathwani and Dhanraj Parimal Nathwani

Mr Parimal Nathwani is a well-known public figure who holds senior positions in the corporate and political worlds. Being a Member of Parliament, Mr Nathwani is a devoted voice that engages in raising questions for public welfare. An active political figure who works relentlessly for his constituency, a taskmaster in the corporate world and an affectionate family man, Mr Nathwani effortlessly balances out everything.

An avid wildlife enthusiast who proactively works for the conservation of Asiatic lions, a follower of innovations and technology, and a cricket lover are some of the many facets of his dynamic personality. By virtue, Mr Nathwani is a socially responsible citizen of the country who believes in the power of democracy.

Mr Dhanraj Nathwani is the Director at Reliance New Energy Limited. He has imbibed strong core values from his father, Mr Parimal Nathwani and has worked hard to rise to ranks in the organisation and has also taken up the charge of Gujarat Cricket Association as a President. With a healthy interest in sports, climate change, startups, entrepreneurship and wildlife, he is a youth icon with a prominent following on social media.

As a result, all of his communication must be handled with care, as we must ensure that only the correct message is conveyed; We act as a task force that helps and support him to ideate, voice out and amplify his opinions/thoughts on social media platforms.


Mr Nathwani is the man behind the magnanimous Reliance refinery near Jamnagar. He is a person who has been instrumental in accomplishing many milestones for Reliance Industries while mentoring young talents under him as well as achieving great heights in his corporate career. He chose public life by winning a Rajya Sabha seat from Jharkhand and second tenure from Andhra Pradesh to serve people.

While a person of his stature is expected to voice his opinions in many situations, especially when people look up to him for guidance, a busy work schedule puts constraints on expressing his dynamic thoughts in the public domain.

That’s where Decode Mediacom comes into the picture; we have been facilitating the execution of his ideas on social media through various formats such as videos, graphics, and content optimisation.

Yet representing a prominent figure who has acquired wealth in terms of knowledge, wisdom, and experience is an extremely challenging job. We have to have a very keen understanding of his persona and his thought process to understand his opinions accurately and to do justice to his stature. Moreover, we are keenly aware of the enormous responsibility that a job of such magnitude carries.

At the same time, Mr Dhanraj Nathwani is a charismatic personality who energetically fills in different roles in his professional life from a very young age. He is a youth icon inspiring many young individuals to progress in their careers. As they say, great responsibility comes with great power; it is of utmost importance to practise due diligence.

Decode Mediacom has been actively supporting these personalities by facilitating our expertise in videos, graphics and other forms of content. In addition, we have been instrumental in evolving and amplifying their ideas in different formats.

The project demands regular research and a tab on the latest news and trends, everything in tune with their dynamic personality. At the same time, we proactively monitor and evaluate comments and feedback on their digital handles so as to fetch real-time solutions to mitigate the crisis.

Nevertheless, it is a team of at least ten people who constantly evolve themselves to bring dynamism and contemplation by being succinct, relevant, sensitive, absolutely to-the-point, creative and efficient. As well as remain well-prepared with strategies and ideas to mitigate any sort of backfiring or crisis.

Together we work and bring the best out of us to support both visionaries in fulfilling their objectives in the digital space.


While working on ORM projects for such prominent personalities, we first must adapt to their working style and understand the various aspects of their persona. Hence, we exercise due diligence while churning out their thought processes to align with their way of working to serve them the best of our services.

Another aspect of ORM is staying 24*7 available, aligned to their wavelength to streamline their thoughts. We must keep coming up with new ideas to communicate their thoughts, sometimes with wildlife, nature, sports, leadership, innovation, policies, trends, heritage, specific, tourism, environment, and ideating new campaigns surrounding these topics along with them. This, in fact, is a challenge cum opportunity to outgrow others and blossom in the sun.


Firstly, we must admit that working under such dynamic personalities who hold a significant societal position is an honour. But, at the same time, we can proudly say that we have been fortunate enough to imbibe their qualities and incorporate their core values into our internal system.

We have been taking notes from these visionaries to understand the public service from the lens of a benevolent political leader and, simultaneously, a "Corporate Buddha" who tirelessly works to take the company to new realms.

Working with a team of experts who readily share their knowledge has fostered a smooth run and cultivated a good client-agency relationship.


Social Media has become an open forum for people to critique various issues and publicly share their views. In addition, esteemed personalities use their official handles to speak for a cause to a large set of audience. While people, too, await comments from their favourite celebrities on essential matters.

We are glad to be able to contribute to providing our services to increase their community to many folds.

With our consistency, creativity and commitment, we have been catalysts in increasing Mr Parimal Nathwani's has become a famous voice on social issues in the Twitter space with over 3,36,189 followers. While his Facebook family has grown from 3,65,308 to 10,00,000 followers. Blessed with tremendous social listening skills, he has grown popular as an active Twitterati, while his tweets are shared by other dignitaries to substantiate their viewpoints. He has become a flag-bearer for lion conservation, environmental, and public welfare issues.

At the same time, Mr Dhanraj Parimal Nathwani connects with 50k followers on Twitter and 2 lakh followers on Facebook through tweets and posts. Most of his followers are young and share similar interests. This has helped him create a community of his own that celebrates sports, startups and the economy by indulging in active commentaries.

Additionally, we remain functional during critical situations with our firefighting skills to combat complex issues that have helped keep online threats at bay, fostering a smooth run.